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Is it possible to renovate a subsidized house? Here are the rules if you want to renovate

Subsidized Home Renovation

Want a Subsidized Home Renovation? Subsidized Home Renovation Rules You Should Know

Renovation of subsidized houses is a home ownership program owned by the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing of the Republic of Indonesia (Kemen PUPR RI). Well, because it is a program from the government, there are many things that are regulated in the law. Including the rules for renovating this house.

Do you own a subsidized house and plan to renovate it? Check out the rules for subsidizing home renovations, which we will discuss below so that you avoid legal problems!

Installment Has Been Running for 5 Years

Subsidized houses may be renovated to add some elements of the building. It’s just that this house renovation is allowed when the installments have been running for 5 years. So, the first thing you need to make sure is the installments that are past 5 years. Please check each installment schedule, OK?

subsidized house renovation

Home Installments Must Run Smoothly

The installment has been running for 5 years? Don’t be in a hurry to renovate the house! The reason is, there is another rule that follows it, namely the installments must run smoothly. That means, installments are paid every month before maturity. If you still have arrears in installments to the bank, the developer will not issue a permit to renovate the house.

Front View Display Can’t Change

The simple house pictures above all look the same, don’t they? The only difference is the color. Yes, the specifications on the front of the subsidized house have been regulated by the government. Everything must appear similar in one complex.

If you want to renovate this house on the front view, don’t make a complete overhaul, for example changing the shape of the window or replacing the front view with a contemporary-style design. However, you are allowed to add fences, canopies, and repaint the exterior walls.

subsidized house renovationUtilizing Remaining Land

Subsidized housing is available in types 27, 30, and 36. Usually, there is also land that is left vacant to meet the needs of each owner. The rest of this land can be used to build a number of more spaces, such as bedrooms, kitchens, backyards, and clothesline areas. However, also pay attention to the provisions on land and house area limits when remodeling a house. Do not let you cross the predetermined limit, let alone seize neighboring land.

Adding Floors to House Buildings

The subsidized house consists of 1 floor. This type is comfortable enough for a small family with one or two children. However, over time there may be additional family members and other needs. For this matter, the government allows the renovation of subsidized houses in the form of additional floors. Thus, residents can live properly and comfortably in the long term.

Not Renovating Homes into Commercial Properties

As the name suggests, subsidized housing is intended as a house. Owners are prohibited from renovating subsidized houses into other properties with commercial purposes. For example, stalls, coffee shops, studios, and others.

However, the owner is allowed to rent the subsidized house when the installments have been running for 5 years. If you want to over-creditthe house to another party, that’s fine, but with the same requirements.

Light Renovation

A house that has been inhabited for years, must be damaged at some point, for example a leaking roof, cracked walls, and others. You are allowed to renovate the house as long as it is not overhauled to change the structure of the building. This light renovation can be done even though the installments have not been running for 5 years.

Those are the seven rules related to the renovation of subsidized houses. If there is a violation, then be prepared to receive sanctions. One of the sanctions is the revocation of subsidies and credit interest will be converted into commercial interest. For those of you who have met the 5-year installment requirements, start planning for a subsidized house renovation. Hopefully the house will be more comfortable and safe to live in, yes!


subsidized house renovation

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