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Project Gate Feng Tay

About Project


This project is located in a factory area with more than 15,000 employees. This Feng tay Gate is the main door of the factory. The ownerof this factory wants a gate that looks luxurious and majestic.


We propose a classic European design concept, although it does not collide with the concept of buildings in the factory area, but the owner’s wishes are sufficiently represented by this concept. The challenge of this project is that its implementation takes quite a long time because there are many profile details in almost all corners of the building that need to be done carefully and neatly.

Although it took a long time, the results of this project were quite satisfactory and received appreciation from the Head Quarter of Taiwan.

Tahun 2018
Lokasi Jl. Raya Banjaran Bandung
Scope Design & Build
Status Completed
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