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AL FALAAH Mosque Project

About the Mosque Project


This project is a major renovation project where all that remains is the structural elements and part of the walls. The foundation wants a mosque concept that is modern, elegant and comfortable for the congregationto use. The challenge of this project is how to keep this mosque in use during the renovation.


We chose the conceptof a minimalist form with Islamic accents of Kufi calligraphy. Our color selection uses neutral colors to make it more acceptable to the diversity of space users with a gold color combination as a representation of grandeur. We process the lighting elementsso that apart from being a lighting function, they can also add aesthetic elements and points of interest in the mosque space.

Although there were several obstacles in blocking the work area during the renovation, overall this projectwent well and received great appreciation from the foundation and congregation.

Tahun 2019
Lokasi Taman Yasmin Sektor VI Kota Bogor
Klien Yayasan Al Falaah
Status Completed
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