The happiest path of life is the path chosen with awareness & freedom.


Contentment is in the sky. We must always achieve it with innovation and creativity.


Consistency and hard work will always lead to tangible results.


We do everything that involves the heart, based on professionalism & responsibility.

How we Work

Proven Process for Best Results


Define Design Concept

Process information data for ideas and to determine design concepts and maintain design direction in accordance with the identity, values, vision, mission of clients and users.


Make a Plan

Placing facilities by considering the elements of effectiveness, harmony & integrity between one facility and another in an area to guide the correct development steps & consistent.


Create Architectural Design

Spatial planning & building form based on space & user activity data that has been analyzed by the user. The output of this step is a layout sketch, facade sketch, and room composition.


Create Interior Design

Designing in detail every interior element in a building. These elements consist of floors, walls, ceilings, furniture, air conditioning & lighting. All of these elements relate directly to the user. Then a good interior design will definitely support performance & space user happiness.


Design Engineering Details

Communicating architectural & design ideas interior into informative workflow packages to assist implementation in the field while construction is in progress. In general, Detailed Design Engineering is divided into 3 parts, namely Architecture, Structure & Mechanical Electrical Plumbing (MEP).


Architecture Interior & Construction

Turning plans into real works of architecture, interior & furniture. At this stage, a supervisory function is needed so that the construction process runs well. Quality, cost & implementation schedule into the three main parameters of success in the construction process.

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About Our Company

We are a company engaged in architectural design, interior design & construction. Our vision is to be a company capable of solving all problems related to human activities and productivityin the outdoors.

Architecture & interior design is not just an effort to create an aesthetically appealing space, but also has to optimize function, we work passionately based on the two parameters above. We continue to apply ideas and creativity into real works supported by professionals.

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